A demo from Demos That Rock WILL absofreakinlutely rock

A demo from Demos That Rock WILL absofreakinlutely rock.  There is no hyperbole whatsoever in their company name.  In my entire career, I have never been served more professionally or personally than I was by Chuck Duran and Stacey J. Aswad producing my commercial VO demo.

Those who know me can attest – I make hardly any decision lightly.  Certainly no-decision as gargantuan as a VO talent crafting one of (if not the most) important of promotional tools.  To say I did my due diligence in researching options is a massive understatement.

Chuck and Stacey familiarized themselves with my brand and hand-selected, with great care, the brands we would evoke in the spots.  The copy they wrote is au courant, crisp, apt, and perfect for me, my voice, my voice’s range. On the day of the record, I was expertly directed by Chuck.  As an artist, I was supported every single step of the way with open arms, a caring heart, and professional excellence.

The final product I received is a demo which I am immensely proud and EXCITED to have represent me. Chuck Duran, Stacey J. Aswad and Demos That Rock have the highest of my recommendations.

– Tom Antonellis