After your first visit with Chuck, magic happens.

Dear Future Voice Over Rock Star,

Yes, that will be your name once YOU have experienced a Chuck Duran Demo! If your current demo has not been created by Chuck, it’s just vanilla my friend. Allow me the indulgence of your time as I tell my Rockin’ Demo story.

From the moment you walk into Chuck’s studio, YOU are the celebrity. He listens to you, talks to you and he hears every word you say. He asks you questions and gets your feedback. From that meeting of your minds, he creates THE demo that showcases your talent and your voice. After your first visit with Chuck, magic happens.

Your personalized scripts arrive and you get to see exactly why Chuck’s creative process is so sought after. Next, you are in the recording booth and Chuck is your very own coach. He nurtures, guides and encourages you with a positive and supportive environment. Through this process, he brings out the absolute best in you. Finally, you hear just how amazing you are when you get your demo back.

It’s no joke fellow artists, this man is the real deal. There is only ONE PLACE you need to go for your demo; DemosThatRock!!!

– Linda Poff