Agent said: “Chuck always produces great demos”

Having been an actress on stage and on-camera for years I had done voiceovers here and there. I decided I wanted to do more. Took the classes and honed my craft.

When it was time to do the dreaded demo I did my research, met with the top 3 demo producers and well there was something about Chuck. He did not talk in circles as if trying to keep the trade secrets.

Chuck was informative, patient and soooo willing to answer questions. I did my demo with him and had a great time. Chuck did not stop there. He followed up with agent info and any questions I had.

My first submission with Chuck’s guidance and Bam! I was called by a reputable agent who loved my demo and Art ( my design, So in this case, it helped) looked further, saw produced by: Chuck Duran, so they listened! (Agent said: “Chuck always produces great demos”) I never finished the 2nd choices. I had the agent I wanted!!!! Thank you Chuck!!!!!

– Cameo Martine