[Chuck] is a gifted, creative and patient director who helps you deliver your very best read.

When I moved to LA, I asked around for recommendations for demo producers. Everyone told me, “Beware of those $700 demos that someone records for you in their “bedroom closet home studio.” It’ll end up costing you way more money to fix it before an agent will give you the time of day. Don’t waste your time and money, just call Chuck Duran. He is the best demo producer in the business.”

I still did my due diligence and called a few other people but they did not impress me at all. I knew the first time I talked with Chuck on the phone, he was the one!

What makes him so great? Chuck takes the time in the initial meeting to get to know you and your personality. He chooses material that is current, cutting edge and custom tailored for you.

He is incredibly professional and personable and makes your recording session fun. His follow-up is truly exceptional. Chuck guides you through the entire process of submitting to agents, and his advice and tips absolutely work.

With his help, I submitted to the best agents and got several meetings. Every agent I met with said my demo was produced perfectly, really showcased my vocal abilities and was exactly what they wanted to hear. I signed with a top VO agency, and starting getting work right away.

This year alone, I have booked fifteen McDonald’s commercials. Woohoo!!! I think the things that impress me the most about Chuck are that he’s a gifted, creative and patient director who helps you deliver your very best read.

He also produces hundreds of real commercials and knows the business inside and out. I have Chuck Duran to thank for helping me get started in the voiceover business, he is a gem.

– Stacey J. Aswad