Chuck is a great director and easy to work with. I came prepared, and so did he!

You cannot afford to NOT have Chuck Duran produce your demo!

I went to Chuck on the recommendation of my audiobook coach, and I couldn’t be more satisfied and delighted with both his work and the man himself. Chuck is friendly, laid-back, encouraging, and fun; the genuine article. His work is, in a word, impeccable.

He responded quickly to my initial inquiry (within a day), he spent a very fruitful and productive initial session with me, identifying just what to include in the demo based on my signature and his immense knowledge of this business. He sent me customized scripts based on how each product positions itself and my character style for each. As for the recording session, I never had so much fun and felt so good about my work.

Chuck is a great director and easy to work with. I came prepared, and so did he!

But, don’t just hire Chuck to produce your demo, make sure you also get the marketing package that he offers. It is worth it! Chuck’s advice and guidance about where and how to submit your demo is beyond priceless. What would have taken me months (and possibly years) and many missteps to figure out on my own, Chuck gave me in one session. Not only that, he continues to be available to me for questions, and he responds right away. I don’t have to wait long to hear back from him.

Most importantly, from a career perspective, my demo has secured me an agent, and it didn’t take long! And it continues to get me work on a regular basis. Working with Chuck Duran has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my voiceover career.