Having a good demo puts you 50% ahead of your competition but having a great demo puts you in the top 10%.

I am an agency owner with departments in multiple countries. I been a voiceover agent and voice director for actors new to the industry, seasoned professionals and celebrity – names such as, Leonardo Dicaprio, Gene Hackman, Armie Hammer, Keira Knightly and Uma Thurman to name only a few.

A voiceover actor’s headshot is their voiceover demo reel and much like on-camera acting, if you don’t look good – or sound good – you’re not going to find your way into any doors. Having a good demo puts you 50% ahead of your competition but having a great demo puts you in the top 10%. You must be within this top 10% to have an opportunity to create a career in voice acting.

As a voiceover agent, I’m sure you can imagine how many demos we receive on a daily basis. At this moment, I have 900 demos we have yet to review. When we do listen to the demo, you are lucky if we listen for longer than 7 seconds. This is why it is critical to have a professionally produced great demo, and this is where Chuck Duran comes in.

I have had clients produce demos with virtually every high-end demo producer in the industry and I tell you with complete honesty that there is no one better than Chuck Duran, in this world – and I am not exaggerating! Chuck’s demo’s, really aren’t demos, they’re actual spots – or at least that’s the way they sound, and “sound” is what this is all about. Additionally, we always put recommendations from Chuck at the top of the pile.

The thing about Chuck Duran is that he does something special when he produces demos. I do not understand how he is able to do this, but in addition to producing the worlds best voiceover demos, he actually makes the voice actor better! Perhaps it’s his innate ability to connect with actors and communicate his vast knowledge. I can attest to this because I have had clients produce demos (or new demos) with Chuck and once they finish with him, they are noticeably better in the booth.

While there are many fantastic demo producers in the industry, Chuck Duran is always my first recommendation for the simple reason that Chucks Demo’s makes us money. I highly recommend Chuck Duran’s services and hope that he continues to produce demos. My ears thank him!

~Shane J. Cormier CEO Idiom Worldwide