…Knew that this guy knew exactly what he was doing.

I took a great voiceover class at Kalmenson & Kalmenson. Really learned technique, but still needed someone to help me produce my voiceover demo reel.

After a little searching, I found Chuck Duran on the internet and listened to the samples he had posted, I was impressed and knew that this guy knew exactly what he was doing. So I met with Chuck and was again impressed by his enthusiasm and attention to detail. He was so familiar with the business and he was also so supportive of my efforts to get into the voiceover business.

So on October 15th we recorded my demo. His direction was spot on! He also did an amazing job with the foley and background music. Part of Chuck’s package includes marketing. He sat down with me and explained (in great detail) a plan for packaging, submitting my demo and contacting agents.

I mailed my demo out on Oct 29th and on November 5th (just 7 days later) a major voiceover agency called me to set up an audition. They wanted to hear me do animation as well, but I didn’t have an animation demo, so I called Chuck and arranged a tutoring session for animation. He listened to and helped me tweak my characters. The audition was on Nov. 11th and on Nov. 12th, CESD asked me to sign!


-Audrey Kelley