Led me to get signed with a top L.A. VO Agency.

From the get go, I was after the big fish in the VO industry for representation. I needed a demo that reflected that aim and could get attention. When I heard the finished product, I couldn’t stop listening to it. Again and again and again I played it and so did my friends and family but more important, so did the top industry pros.

I ended up booking a gaming job right off that demo alone because my friend heard it and said: “it sounds like your voice is an instrument and it’s coming through you from somewhere else- it’s awesome.” Everybody loves it. I blasted it around town and it led me to get signed with a top L.A. VO Agency.

I highly recommend the Chuck Duran experience and it is that, an experience. You’ll get a great return on your investment like I did. You’ll be seeing more of me in your studio Chuck!

– Austin Rising