Welcome Voiceover Actors

Okay, so you have a wonderful speaking voice and you've always been told that you should become a voice actor. Now you want to get serious about starting your exciting new voice over career, the right way. The only trouble is you know nothing about what it takes to become a voice actor, much less a successful one, and you don't know a voice over demo producer with the history and credentials to help you get there. Well, the good news is I can help you because I'm awesome. 🙂

Seriously, whether you're just breaking into the voice over business or already an established voice over pro, I will guide you through every single step of producing the best voice over demo of your career.

Voice acting is a big business and it's only getting bigger and better. Before you move forward into this incredible industry, equipped to actually make an impact, you need to arm yourself with the right tools and reliable information. I will provide you with everything you need to help you succeed in the voice over industry.

Success Starts with a Quality Voice Over Demo Reel

My goal is to give you the best chance possible of getting a top agent and/or reaching the next level of achievement in your voiceover career. I've done exactly that time and time again for many who are now at the top of their field. When you're ready to join them, shoot me an email.

The consultation is absolutely FREE!

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Endorsements by Pro's

Chuck Duran produces the very best voiceover demos to help agents get work for their clients.

Jeff Danis - D.P.N. Agency

When it comes to producing great voiceover demos, Chuck Duran is #1 on my list.

Eric Seastrand - William Morris Endeavor Agency

From making the artist feel totally comfortable, to incredible post production, Chuck brings out the best in all his clients.

Susan Blu - Top Voiceover Casting Director

There are a lot of voiceover demo producers out there, but Chuck is #1 - no questions asked.

Pat Brady - Top L.A Agent

I have no doubt that Chuck's demo helped jump start my career. He knows exactly what the top agents need to hear. He is, without a doubt, the best voiceover demo producer in L.A.

Jess Harnell - Top Voiceover Actor

Chuck Duran produces the very best voiceover demos to help agents get work for their clients.

Jeff Danis - D.P.N. Agency