The Voice Over Demo Process

I will supply you with everything you need at great competitive rates. Some of the things I offer with voice over demo production are: personalized original scripts, pro direction, all recording, engineering and mastering expenses, explosive post production, career direction and agent advice PLUS a complete marketing plan because, like any product, people have to FIND you before they can BUY you!

Voice Actor Demo Production Step 1

The Beginning

The voice over demo process begins with you and I sitting down over a Zoom meeting and talking about getting you exactly what you want and need. The voice over industry knows precisely what it's looking for – do you? This meeting will not cost you a cent.

Just a few of the things we'll talk about:

  • YOU and what you want to achieve.
  • What areas of the business you most want to work in and how we can get you there.
  • Why a GREAT demo is a must and how to make yours stand out from the pack.
  • A precise plan on how to structure your demo to make it 100% effective.
  • What makes agents and talent buyers go crazy for your demo.

And that's only the beginning…

Voice Actor Demo Production Step 2

The Recording Session

During our recording session, you'll see firsthand how pro VO sessions go down. This real-world experience is like landing multiple real jobs - all on the same day. I'll teach you everything from proper mic technique and positioning for getting the best sound, to delivering reads that people will believe and HIRE!

I will direct you every step of the way and we'll have a great time doing it.

Bottom line: there's a reason so many of my clients are now steadily working professionals. Let me show YOU how I helped get them there. Head on over to my TESTIMONIALS Page to read what clients have to say!

Voice Actor Demo Production Step 3

The Game Plan

My goal is to set you up for a profitable voiceover career NOT a hobby. After your demo is recorded and produced, I offer a completely customized marketing plan to help you get representation locally and or in other major markets around the country.

This marketing plan is designed to help you brand yourself effectively so you can get out there and achieve your goals. we'll sit down and talk about exactly what to do next, what your website should look like, where to go for artwork and design, home studio setup and advice, who and what agents you're going to contact, and most importantly, HOW you're going to contact them.

Together we will take the necessary steps to get your fantastic new demo directly into the right hands! There is a fee for this marketing plan, but this plan is a total game-changer.