He’s got excellent recommendations for it all.

The best thing about working with Chuck Duran and Demos That Rock- besides his mad skills, and his undeniable ability to make you feel comfortable and valued – is that he doesn’t leave you fumbling for “what do I do next?”. His marketing plan gives you a clear process on what you need to do to get agent representation and get jobs by showing you how to put your best foot forward.

He’s got excellent recommendations for it all – coaches, website designers, what agents you should talk to, creating a home studio – and HOW you should go about each step. Creating a demo with Demos That Rock is fun and stress-free, and the product is incredible.

With Chuck’s help, I was able to get great representation quickly, and within a week of signing, I booked my first gig! I definitely would not have gotten there without the help of the amazing team at Demos That Rock. I highly recommend them for anyone who is serious about their voiceover career!

-Jessica Peterson